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Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Home Service Business On Google


The home services industry currently generates over $506 billion in revenue.

Do you want to grow your business and earn a bigger slice of that pie? If so, start making some changes to your Google marketing techniques.

Not sure how to begin?

Listed below are 10 tips to help you level up your home service marketing and improve your search engine ranking.

Claim and Optimize Google My Business

Most home service marketing companies will tell you that the first step to take to boost your search engine ranking is to claim and optimize your free Google My Business (or GMB) page.

When you claim your Google My Business page, your business will show up in potential customers’ search engine results when they’re trying to find a service provider like you.

You can further increase your chances of showing up in people’s search engine results by optimizing your GMB page.

Do this by including up-to-date information about your company (contact information, business hours, etc.) and showcasing reviews from past customers. You should also include the specific keywords for which you want to rank (such as “plumber in [insert your city here]”)

Prioritize Reputation Management

Consult an expert who specializes in marketing home services businesses, and they’ll tell you the importance of reputation management. Reputation management ensures you’re always putting your best foot forward.

One of the best ways to manage your business’s reputation and improve SEO is to address negative reviews right away.

If you get a negative Google review, respond promptly and politely to try and fix the problem. This helps to minimize search engine penalties and shows potential customers that you’re a true professional. 

Invest in a Professionally Designed Website

A professionally designed website will help to boost your search engine ranking and get more people interested in what you have to offer.

Professional website design ensures that your website looks great, is easy to read, and functions properly. You’ll also be less likely to deal with issues like slow load times, broken links, or poor security, all of which can get you penalized by search engines.

Need help updating your website design or creating a high-quality website from scratch? Wink Media can create professional websites for our ServiceHawk Platform. We make it easy for you to get a good-looking, high-performing website in no time.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Your website also needs to be mobile-friendly. This means it looks great and is easy to use on a desktop computer and a mobile browser.

Remember, up to 70 percent of website traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is hard to read or navigate from a mobile browser, potential customers are going to click away and check out your competitors’ websites instead. 

Figuring out mobile-friendliness can be frustrating. The ServiceHawk platform makes it much easier, though, and ensures you get a website that looks impressive on all devices.

Utilize Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating content (blog posts, infographics, videos, etc.) for your business’s website and social media platforms.

By creating unique, high-quality content that is optimized for specific keywords, you give potential customers more opportunities to find you online. You also have a chance to share valuable information with them, gain credibility, and establish yourself as an expert.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Finally, make sure you have a solid search engine optimization (or SEO) strategy in place.

Here are some examples of practices that can optimize your business’s website for search engines (including Google):

Create topic clusters (lists of topics that your target audience is most likely to be searching for online)
Write long-form blog posts (aim for at least 1,000-2,000 words).
Use YouTube (and make sure your video titles and descriptions contain your target keywords)
Monitor analytics and measure website performance to see what’s working and what isn’t

Run Local Service Ads

Local Services Ads make it easier for you to connect with the people who are already searching on Google for the specific services your business offers.

When you run Local Service Ads, your business will show up whenever potential customers in your area are searching for your services. There’s more good news: You only have to pay if someone contacts you through the ad directly.

If the idea of running local service ads is overwhelming, working with an internet marketing expert can help you improve your ads and increase the number of contacts you get from them.

Use Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing for service companies, many businesses forget about the importance of email marketing. Email marketing allows you to reach potential customers where they already are (in their email inboxes).

The average person spends 143 minutes per day checking their personal email. How many more people could you connect with if you were regularly (although, not too frequently) sending them emails reminding them about the services you offer or helping them to stay on track with regular home maintenance?

Be Active On Social Media

Being active on social media makes it easier for people to find your business and connect with you.

What does it mean to be active on social media?

Start by sharing the blogs and other types of content you’ve been diligently creating. Make sure you’re responding (politely and professionally) to comments on your posts, too. 

Become Google Guaranteed

“Google Guaranteed” is available through Google’s Local Service Ads program. It’s an in-depth certification program that adds credibility and increases visibility.

The Google Guaranteed program helps you to attract more organic traffic. This can lead to more customers and increased revenue over time.

The Google Guaranteed program costs $50 per month. There are also costs for every lead that you’ll have to pay every time someone calls or connects with you to inquire about your services. 

You might be hesitant about spending this much money to become Google Guaranteed. However, many business owners find that the results they see from this service are well-worth the additional expenses
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