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Why Are 5 Star Reviews On Google Important For My Local Home Service Business?

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With over 75% of the search volume worldwide, Google dominates the research phase for decision-making online. With this much attention, you must optimize your Google My Business (GMB) page and increase your average review score. These two simple actions can have great returns in search results. This means getting more 5-star reviews on Google!

Why do you need to gather reviews for your service industry business?

1.) More Reach Than Word-of-Mouth
Personal recommendations are great but are limiting in their reach to prospective clients. Online reviews allow you to have an unbiased and trustworthy source available at the EXACT time that people are looking for a similar service. The transparency can put leads at ease, helping them see beyond not knowing the actual reviewer. 

2. Helps You Rank On Local Searches
The more 5-star reviews you have on google increases your chances of getting shown in the Google Local 3-Pack. This feature supplements your chances of exposure to consumers searching locally for services you offer.

3.) Gains Trust To Improve Sales
A Bright Local survey found that 86% of customers read reviews before a purchase, and the likelihood of buying from the company went up if the reviews were greater than 4-stars. 5-star Reviews act as social proof that customers can trust your services to deliver what you promise. Increasing the consumers’ trust in you removes barriers to the purchasing path. 

Top Secrets To Getting 5-Star Reviews

Tried-and-true ways to get your customer to give you a 5-star review:

Ask When They’re Happiest

Don’t be afraid to ask for a review directly after a service is provided. This is commonly the point when customers are the most relieved and happy. You have fixed their problem or satisfied a need. Strike while the iron is hot! This is possibly your best chance of getting a 5-star review.

Make it Easy For Customers To Leave You A 5-Star Review

If you ask for a review on site after a service job, be sure you have a kiosk style review form on your tablets loaded. Looking to follow back up with the client for a review? Have the customer information put into a Review Management System that will automatically send review request text messages or emails, with easy-to-use rating displays to make the whole process simpler for your customers.

Showcase Your 5 Star Reviews

Your website should have a review section where you can display, in full transparency, your reviews. Making your reviews accessible to customers shows you have nothing to hide. You are proud of your work and stand by it. Some platforms have an easy to install review widgets that can be added to your website that will automatically pull in your reviews from multiple sources and show them in a central location.

Reply To Customer Feedback

Your customer has taken the time to write about your company, show them you care about their feedback. Craft genuine responses that help personalize your brand and show prospective clients the 2-way street of open communication.

Engage in Online Conversations

With REVIEW Management’s help, you can see what customers say about you across multiple online sources. It is recommended that you stay on top of your reviews by responding and even carrying on a “Dialogue” with customers. Show customers that you are active, engaged, and truly care about what they have to say.

Actively Increasing Your Average Review Rating

While reviews are public, you as a business do have some protection against unfair or outright lying in reviews posted about you. Stay on top of your reviews, and be sure to report reviews that look suspicious. Help keep the negative feedback to a minimum to increase customer confidence in your brand.
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