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Online Business Reputation: Why You Should Keep an Eye on it?

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Building online business reputation makes amazing things for companies to attract customers. Find here why, and what are your best options to boost it up!

Today, having great online business reputation and notoriety is an essential achievement factor to make your business grow. It directly impacts on your customers to make them choose you instead of any other of your competitors.

Different companies dedicated to performing Reputation Management studies agree that an outstanding 90% of online customers prefer to purchase to highly reputed organizations.

So if you want to keep your company in the bullseye of your customers, the first thing you need to know is where your company regarding its own reputation. But before that…

Recognize the importance of having a good online business reputation

Our experience in branding awareness and business reputation tell us that entrepreneurs typically fall into the same two mistakes: Whether they don’t have a clue on what online and business reputation is – and makes for a company, or they don’t have a budget to spend on branding and promotion plans.

In both cases, experience also tells us that entrepreneurs usually make such mistakes because they don’t realize how important is building a solid business reputation.

But here’s the thing: It takes 20 years to build a reputation… and five minutes to ruin it.

If you think about it, you will keep an eye on your business reputation and will check it out constantly. In short, the first step is recognizing the importance of cultivating a good online reputation to steadily make it grow. 

Discovering your business reputation

Although prospects and clients don’t think much about your business, they will always look for data related to you before giving you their trust… and money: 

“A solid 60% of online customers actively search the organization online when they are new in the market. Similarly, over 93% of clients read audits before purchasing on the web.”

– Trustpilot

Not sure of where your company is regarding its online reputation? Then this checklist will help you: 

A company with a solid brand reputation…

  • Receives lots of attention and media coverage when launching new products.
  • Serves as a reference for those who are starting in the business.
  • Their job positions are highly demanded, and applicants will always be eager to apply for them.

Did you fail at one, two or all of them? Then you need to rethink your branding strategy. Don’t worry! Wink Media and Ignite by Wink are here to give you a hand with that, but before you leave…


Give to receive. Subscribe for reputed listing sites, and publish your contents/profiles in them.

Be the worker bee. Proactively screen your business’ notoriety, and monitor your business’ online accounts. 

Keep it professional. React wisely and analyze negative surveys/remarks to correct them.

Vent your room! Share valuable and amazing content in a regular basis in a secure website. Keep your prospects and clients waiting for your next offers.

Last, don’t wait for receiving the first negative review to start with your online reputation management.


Never erase negative remarks. Learn from setbacks, they also hold the promise of an opportunity.

Don’t be neutral. Having no reviews at all is as dangerous for your business reputation as erasing negative remarks, or being rude when answering to your community. Having a dust-free image is an alarm trigger value for prospects and clients.

Not showing your work or identity. Clients lose enthusiasm for brands when discover they are quiet, cryptic and/or obsolete. Refresh your image from time to time and show it off with proud.

Ignoring security in their websites. For customers, there’s nothing more alarming that insecure websites, especially if they ask for sensitive data such as credit card numbers and similar.

As an entrepreneur, building a decent online reputation should be your objective from the very first moment. It’s the best way to gain your client’s trust and fidelity.

Let’s start from here to make it big for your company!

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