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Identifying Your Brand and Finding Your Target Audience


One of the problems any company can encounter is a lack of connection with its potential customers. More often than not, it is due to little brand awareness or unidentified target audience. As a result, your marketing efforts suffer. That makes identifying your brand and finding your target audience a top priority for your business.

If you don’t figure out who your target customers are, and what the message you want your brand to send into the world is, you risk not being able to differentiate your business from the competition. It can carry long-term consequences, so make sure you spend some time resolving this issue.

You Need to Be Asking Questions

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to this process. A lot of characteristics make up a brand, and you need to be aware of all of them, as well as how they interact. Furthermore, knowing your brand and your product or service makes it easier for you to find your target audience. Plenty of small business owners try to cater to everyone — or think they should — while missing out on an opportunity to indeed narrow it down and find the people they should be providing to. It creates a problem when the time comes to marketing what they offer. Who are they offering it to and why? These are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself, so let’s start working through them.

Who Is Your Current Primary and Secondary Audience?

You need to be honest when answering this question. It has nothing to do with the ideal situation — it’s about your current customer base and who you’re reaching. Analyze the demographics of these groups and figure out why your product or service appealed to them. It may have something to do with your marketing approach or the particular pain points your product solves.

Who Should Your Brand’s Audience Be?

After you’ve identified the people you already managed to connect with, it’s time to think of the audience concerning brand messaging. Why are you offering that particular product or service? What is your company’s mission? Using the information gained by digging more in-depth with this kind of questioning, will help identify your buyer personas. How old is your ideal customer, what is their level of education and income? How will they use your product and what for? What interests your target audience and how can you use this demographic information to improve your future outcomes?

Who’s Your Competition?

To further refine your brand message and customer targeting, figure out who your competition is and what they’re doing. Give each competitor’s business a critical look and assess what they do better than you, as well as what you can do better than them. By answering the first question, you can learn and improve your own business. And once you figure out what you can do better than your competitors, it can give your business a much-needed edge in advertising.

Identifying your brand and finding your target audience is a broad topic. Discussing it with a branding and marketing professional can help you flesh out the best ideas for your business. Whatever you decide to do, remember that ignoring the issue will weaken your marketing efforts significantly.
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