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Top 5 Ways To Market Your HVAC Business in 2022

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The world is more digital than ever before, and all businesses are striving for a superior online presence. The HVAC industry is not exempted. Unlike decades ago, when it only took a crazy alphabetical name like Aaabark HVAC to appear higher on local phone books, online marketing for HVAC companies requires much more than that now a days to market their HVAC business.

With nearly 112,000 registered HVAC businesses in the US, the competition is higher than ever before. This calls for above-average HVAC marketing skills and expertise. 

If you are looking to improve your reach and conversion, the following Top 5 Ways To Market Your HVAC Business in 2022 (and beyond) will play a significant role:Responsive Website & Design

The general belief that you can effectively market your HVAC business exclusively through social media is a misconception. Nobody these days takes any company without a website seriously. Your digital marketing strategies will be more productive if you establish them around a functional website. According to Forbes, the majority of prospective customers will visit your website before making contact.

A good website not only showcases your services but also boots your credibility, brand, and leads. Thus, every company needs a responsive website to drive meaningful, long-term success. 

Responsive websites are fast, mobile-friendly, and highly optimized for all types of digital devices. Such websites can adapt to any screen size regardless of the device to provide a better user experience.

Again, besides building a responsive HVAC business website, you need to boost your website reach by improving its on-page and off-page SEO. Prospective clients rarely get to see websites that rank poorly on search engines.Local SEO/Google My Business

Most HVAC businesses are small and medium-sized brands looking for local exposure. One of the most viable ways to achieve this is leveraging the free Google My Business (GMB) feature. Ideally, creating and optimizing your GMB listing is the first and most effective way to achieve and maintain local search success.

GMB provides your prospects with your HVAC business address, contact, business hours, category, and reviews. Of course, you need to optimize your listing using the best Local SEO practices to ensure you rank in the top three listings. In this case, you will need to know how to conduct proper keyword research and acclimatize yourself with local keyword usage.

Update your Google My Business regularly to ensure that you capture the most recent information. Google also recommends that you include your top customer testimonials or reviews on your GMB listing, and it will automatically generate posts on the best testimonials.  Lead and Form Tracking

You can improve your HVAC marketing campaigns with efficient lead and form tracking strategies. Lead and form tracking means knowing the source of your conversions. You can do this by using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and any other attribution tools.

More importantly, lead and form tracking will help you get an accurate and up-to-date return on investment (ROI), and return on advertising spend (ROAS). It also enables you to identify the types of content, campaigns, strategies, and channels driving the highest quality leads.

These parameters will help you attribute revenue to marketing strategies based on impact. With accurate data, you can choose which channels to improve or eliminate. Focus on what is working, and spend your marketing finances on the most viable methods.Review and Reputation Management

Reviews and testimonials are a great way to know what people think about your HVAC business. You can monitor how consumers or clients perceive your brand through review and reputation management and take timely strategic actions to improve your public image. Reputation management is continuous and not a one-off activity.

Modern brand reputation management involves monitoring your business’ online status in social media and Google reviews and testimonials. With this, you can address negative situations whenever you find any. To carry out this effectively, establish a management strategy that involves researching, auditing, and correcting arising concerns. Put this in place early enough rather than waiting to deal with an influx of bad reviews and negative press.

Brand reputation management, however, goes beyond analyzing reviews and addressing negative situations. Instead, you can also use your top reviews to attract new leads. Positive reputations help to inspire customer loyalty and will significantly boost your growth, revenue, trust, and credibility. Prospective customers trust reviews and will often search online for brand reviews before engaging or buying from you. 

An online review report indicates that up to 85% of customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. The same statistics suggest that up to 49% of prospective clients will choose your HVAC business if you have an average 4-star rating or more. This explains why you need to consistently work towards getting positive testimonials from your clients.Pay Per Click Advertising

Following the above steps is strategic and will help you achieve results to market your HVAC business. However, it may take you a while to get results organically, particularly for new entrants. That brings us to the need for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or local service advertisements.

Unlike organic ranking that could take months or years to have your website at the top of search engines, PPC search ads will appear at the top of the search results from the word go. Besides, they target the right audience, making them a great way to get more website traffic, create relevant leads, and boost your conversions. Undoubtedly, they are arguably the most reliable way of getting people to take action.

Pay Per Click advertising does take a lot of skill, however. Many HVAC businesses lose massive amounts of money due to the inability to understand the intricacies of the platform they are utilizing. Proceed with CAUTION when implementing PPC strategies.

Although these Top 5 Ways To Market Your HVAC Business in 2022 work, most are too complex for a nonprofessional digital marketer. You can trust us at ServiceHawk to help you design your website, set up your Local SEO solutions, do your keyword research, and track your leads. We are also specialists in setting, managing, and optimizing PPC ads for HVAC businesses.

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