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KPIs in Digital Marketing: Which of Them To Track for Your HVAC Business

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Keeping track of your key performance indicators (KPIs) when managing an HVAC company is essential for business growth. However, measuring KPIs in digital marketing can be tricky without help from an experienced analytics team. Which elements of your online strategy are the most important to track, and how can you improve them?

Professionals from our digital marketing agency in New Orleans explain everything you need to know. The following information gives you the knowledge to outperform your competitors. Once you finish reading, schedule a consultation with an HVAC marketing specialist you can trust.

Boosting Your Business With Effective Digital Marketing Analytics

As an HVAC professional, you understand that the internet produces countless obstacles to navigate when promoting your business. Tracking the right data can help you determine your company’s performance online and which changes you should make. KPIs help you measure objectives like:

  • Increasing revenue
  • Reaching a target audience
  • Improving click rates
  • Adjusting website bounce rates
  • Visitor-to-customer conversion
  • And more

Some HVAC companies pursue extensive long-term goals such as being the most viewed HVAC site on Google, while others seek more humble achievements. Regardless of your company’s ambitions, a digital marketing specialist can help you track KPIs effectively.

Ranking Higher With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to every successful digital marketing strategy. Quality SEO is essential whether you own an HVAC company that operates in several states or a family business of just a few employees. 

Most HVAC companies benefit from localized SEO because they serve customers within a short distance from their offices. Localizing SEO with city identifiers and other information helps your website rank higher in Google when customers look for services in your area. You can get a pretty good idea of how well your marketing efforts are performing by seeing how far up your website ranks in the search engine.

Ranking high will probably not happen overnight. Google’s algorithm sometimes takes days or weeks to scan websites for content, keywords, and other desirable metadata. Still, you can get the best results by hiring a specialist to implement compelling titles, tags, and keywords into your HVAC content.

Helping Customers Find You Using Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (the new name for Google My Business) is a must-have for every HVAC company. These profiles provide customers with essential information such as:

  • Service area
  • Hours of operation
  • Phone numbers/email addresses
  • And more

Tracking your KPIs in digital marketing can help you identify how many users view your company’s profile. Visitors can leave reviews, post images, and interact in other ways that improve your site’s overall score.

Additionally, Google’s algorithm favors companies using this feature. Having a professional optimize your profile is a great way to drive traffic and improve other online metrics. 

Promoting Your HVAC Brand With Content Marketing

Many HVAC companies don’t see the value in releasing regular content for users. However, blogs, service pages, and social media posts can significantly increase your company’s online visibility. With adequate keyword research, a digital marketing team can target your market’s search intent and draw more traffic toward your website.

Search engines favor websites that regularly release relevant, substantive, and trustworthy content. For small HVAC businesses, this may include brief weekly blog articles. Larger companies may invest in daily releases that include thousands of words worth of information.

These posts provide two critical benefits. First, they deliver useful information that may contribute to higher retention rates. Second, they can convert visitors into customers by convincing users to invest in HVAC repairs, replacements, or inspections.

In either case, your company can enjoy interactions that boost your score in the algorithm. As a bonus, you receive data you can analyze to adjust your KPIs in digital marketing.

Making Your Company Accessible Through Social Media

Advertising is more personal today than ever before. Social media allow HVAC companies to reach out directly to customers in real-time via direct messaging, profile posts, and other mechanics. Many social media networks allow companies to view analytic data about who views their content and the type of interactions they receive (shares, likes, follows, etc.).

Social media also offer HVAC companies an opportunity to boost their public relations with locals at a relatively low cost. Sharing new blogs from your website to social media is an effective way to optimize your content and earn new leads. It can also help you directly target potential customers on different social networks.

Let’s say you join a local community group on Facebook, and a user mentions issues with their air conditioner leaking. A representative from your company could reach out directly to this individual and offer your services, or you could share content that addresses the issue.

Converting Customers Using Paid Digital Advertisements

Improve your digital marketing KPIs with advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising provides several advantages for both small and large HVAC companies. While such ads generally require slightly higher upfront investments than conventional SEO strategies, the rewards can be well worth the cost. Recent data from Google suggests that business owners using online advertisements enjoy an average return of about $8 to every $1 they invest.

Additionally, paid advertisements give you more control over where you promote your services. Your HVAC company may benefit from this strategy if you want to target, say, more affluent business owners closer to the city. Conversely, if you plan to expand your business out of state, you can target relevant towns.

If your advertisement performs well online, you may not need to change your content or approach. However, lower returns may indicate the need for new strategies.

Streamline Your HVAC Digital Marketing Strategy

An effective digital marketing campaign demands hours of time and resources. Don’t overwhelm your HVAC technicians with these responsibilities. At ServiceHawk Digital Marketing, we’ll do all the hard work for you.

Enjoy personalized planning and execution from our dedicated marketing team. We’ll build your online visibility and teach you how HVAC digital marketing mistakes can cost you time and money.

Schedule a consultation with us at ServiceHawk Digital Marketing to learn more about KPIs in digital marketing. Call us in Hammond or Covington, LA, at 985-888-0455.

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