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The Top 5 Google Ranking Factors To Watch Out for HVAC Services in 2023

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Is your HVAC company offering top-quality services with exceptional customer care — and yet you’re still struggling to grow your customer base? The answer could lie with your company website and how Google’s complex algorithms are ranking it. While these so-called Google ranking factors can be frustrating, learning what they are and how to use them can help you stand out from the crowd in 2023.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use algorithms that determine which websites go at the top of the search results page. In the ever-changing world of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s not enough to create a beautiful website. With the help of digital marketing experts in New Orleans, you can influence these powerful algorithms and use them to get noticed in a competitive industry.    

Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Know About

Every successful HVAC company understands the importance of domain authority and ranking high in Google search results. It’s no accident that some websites appear first when you type in “HVAC repair” or “HVAC installation” and others never see the light of day. You’ll want to watch out for these Google ranking factors to help boost your online presence.

Engaging Content

Climbing up the online rankings list starts with creating high-quality content. You need to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time, or else Google will think you’re irrelevant. Unfortunately, you can’t cut corners when it comes to writing content that grabs Google’s attention.

There’s a lot more to creating top-level content than word choice and visual appeal. Here’s what we mean when we talk about writing engaging content on your website:

  • Uniqueness: Is the content you’re publishing unlike any other in the HVAC industry? Google automatically chooses the more well-established site if two companies publish the same blog post, service page, product description, etc. If you want to stand out, you must write unique content.  
  • Freshness: Are you constantly publishing new content and updating your website? A dormant site tells Google that the company behind it is inactive or possibly even no longer existent. By keeping your online content fresh, you increase your chances of ranking higher in the search results.

Quality Links

Your website’s link structure is the backbone of an effective SEO strategy. A well-designed framework of external and internal links can help drive more traffic to your website and turn users into customers. On the flip side, a poor or nonexistent link structure can hurt your search engine rankings. 

When it comes to developing an excellent link structure, you must prioritize two types of links: backlinks and internal links. Backlinks are links that point to your website from external sources (usually those with higher domain authority). You can get backlinks from various sources, including:

  • Social media profiles and posts
  • Other company websites
  • Local business directories

Unlike backlinks, internal links are links that point to other parts of your website from an internal source. For example, you might publish a blog post with a link to your “Contact Us” page or another article. Internal links encourage Google bots (not to mention human users) to explore your entire site and boost its ranking.

Mobile Friendliness

One of the most critical Google ranking factors involves mobile friendliness. Web designers and developers use desktop computers when working on core web vitals, ensuring that a website looks great and works well. However, most people visit websites using a mobile device.

As a result, Google’s built-in ranking algorithm now prioritizes websites with a mobile-first design. Google wants to make sure everyone can access your site and use it without trouble. If there’s any visual or functional problem for mobile users, its algorithm will deduct points.

Here are some common examples of mobile-friendly web design:

  • A layout that requires little to no scrolling
  • High-resolution images that load fast and fit the screen
  • Short headings and titles ideal for mobile viewing

Keyword Usage

Another key ranking factor to consider is keyword usage. Keywords are words or phrases that match what people typically search for, directing them to a specific page on your website. For example, the keyword might be “air conditioning repair” for a blog post that covers the common question, “How do I know if my air conditioner needs repair?” If the keywords in your article titles and body content match the search query exactly, your site is much more likely to appear higher in the search results page.

It is worth noting that popular keywords change over time as industries evolve and customers have different needs. You’ll want to stay on top of trends and use keywords that are relevant to your audience, giving your company the best chance of attracting customers.

SSL Certificate

Safety and security are significant concerns, especially online with so many hackers, viruses, robots, and false advertisements lurking in the digital shadows. Your website’s security (or lack thereof) affects people’s impression of your company and whether they feel comfortable enough to do business online. It also impacts your Google ranking.

A great way to boost your search engine ranking is to add an SSL certificate to your site. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are what transform an HTTP website into an HTTPS website, providing an extra layer of encryption and security. With this certificate, you can establish trust with potential customers and clamber up the Google ranking ladder.

Grow Your HVAC Business With the Top Google Ranking Factors

Building real-life relationships with customers is essential to growing your HVAC business. However, tapping into the world of online users can instantly expand your outreach and broaden the horizons of your company goals. It all starts with understanding Google ranking factors and using them to your advantage.

Are you looking for ways to utilize Google ranking factors and land a top spot on the search results page? At ServiceHawk, our experts have the tools and knowledge you need to boost your HVAC company in 2023. Learn more about Google EAT or call us at (985) 888-0455 to schedule a free strategy session.

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