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What Is Brand Trust and How Do I Build it For My HVAC Business?

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How do you make sure that your HVAC company is one that customers trust to call every time they need HVAC services? Offering service alone isn’t enough. 

So what is brand trust, and how can it affect customer perception? If you’re wondering how to improve brand loyalties to your company in your customer service area, look for experienced HVAC marketing services.

Whether you offer residential or commercial HVAC services (or both), you need a strong branding strategy to appeal to new customers. Your brand should invoke a feeling of trust among prospective customers. Your brand identity, unique selling propositions (USPs), social media branding, and testimonials should all work together to drive more traffic to your site and get more calls from new customers.

What Is Brand Trust?

So what is brand trust? Brand trust is the relationship customers have with your business based on their knowledge of your reputation, confidence in your services, and trust in your customer service procedures. When trying to appeal to new customers, you can convey trust in your messaging through your brand colors, customer testimonials, and proving your expertise with authoritative blog content.

Developing Trustworthy Branding for Your HVAC Business

The human brain processes images much faster than words. This means that your logo must be first and foremost in developing your brand identity. Many HVAC logos include blue snowflakes, red heat waves, blue air gusts, and red and blue arrows. How do you manage to be unique among your competitors while remaining clear in your messaging?

Consider what you want to convey with your logo. Do you offer 24/7 emergency service? Do you specialize in energy-efficient models? Do you have the largest van fleet for the fastest response of any HVAC company in your service area? Hire a professional graphic designer to develop a logo that ties into the message you most want customers to remember.

Marketing and Delivering on Your USPs

What are your unique selling propositions? Have you been going for 50 years strong on word-of-mouth marketing alone? Do all of your technicians carry additional certifications in a specialized area of HVAC service? Is your company a preferred local installer for a major HVAC brand like Trane or Carrier?

Your USPs are the aspects of your business model that differentiate you from your competition and give your company an advantage. The first step in your potential customers discovering your USPs is to market them as key elements of your product or service offerings. As your technicians arrive at new customers’ homes and businesses, they need to deliver on your targeted USPs every time.

Social Networks and Trust

Customers are less likely to trust paid branded marketing than they are word-of-mouth marketing from someone they know. This doesn’t mean that potential customers won’t see or believe paid marketing messages from your company, but you should be aware of the type of messaging that is most effective when buying ad space on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.

So what is brand trust marketing on social media platforms? You need to post regularly and be consistent with proof marketing. Post pictures from recent jobs, share testimonials from customers, and otherwise demonstrate your USPs in practice with your existing customers.

What other social media marketing strategies can you use? You can cross-post content across your social media to direct back to your website and increase user engagement on your main branding tool.

Your website is where you’ll host your HVAC company’s blog, allowing you to demonstrate subject matter expertise on issues like when to replace an AC unit, how an air conditioner works, and how to navigate energy efficiency ratings on new HVAC systems. By proving your technicians’ knowledge through a blog, prospective customers can feel more comfortable contacting your company for HVAC services.

Testimonials and Reviews

Having recent testimonials on your website and public reviews on Google, Angi, Facebook, and other platforms is essential to building customer trust. Public reviews posted online generate a similar degree of trust in a brand as word-of-mouth marketing. Your goal as an HVAC service provider should be to remind customers at every service visit and in a follow-up email campaign to leave a review.

Even receiving top-tier customer service may not be enough to generate reviews from customers, meaning you need to remind every customer to leave a review. The small percentage that follow through can help you gain new residential or commercial customers looking at your Google Business Profile or Facebook page.

You also need a review and testimonial page on your website. Setting up this page appropriately can collect all your third-party five-star reviews onto this page and allow you to post reviews sent directly from your customers. Some customers are old-school and would prefer to email a review than leave one on Google. Share this customer’s thoughts in a dynamic text box.

Building Trust to Build Your Business

Building trust in your HVAC company before a customer ever picks up the phone is how you get new customers to pick up the phone. After years of consuming ads and content media, customers are more discerning than ever about the products and services they’ll trust with their hard-earned dollars.

Once you have a logo and cohesive website and branding design, you have to deliver on your promises at every service call. Promote your activities and experience on social media and backlink to your website to increase traffic.

Make sure to follow through in requesting reviews from every satisfied customer, and you can build the trust in your HVAC company you need to convert prospective customers.

Contact ServiceHawk to Help Build Brand Trust for Your HVAC Company

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