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5 Digital Marketing Trends To Utilize for Your HVAC Business in 2023

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The internet evolves just as quickly as fast-fashion trends, constantly introducing new ways to market your business and attract new clients. You must keep up with digital marketing trends if you want your HVAC business to succeed in the upcoming year. So, what top trends should you study and take advantage of in 2023?

At ServiceHawk, a digital marketing agency in New Orleans, we specialize in helping HVAC companies grow their businesses with data-driven marketing and local SEO solutions. Below, we discuss the top trends you should integrate into your digital marketing campaigns in the upcoming year. 

HVAC Industry and Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

As technology continues evolving, your products or services will need to meet modern consumer needs. Before diving into any marketing trends, review the following HVAC industry trends to better understand the future market landscape:

  • Many homeowners will prefer automated HVAC systems integrated with smart home devices.
  • The newest rooftop units will likely be larger than previous models. 
  • Smart HVAC systems may make it easier for businesses to upsell clients.
  • Many units may feature super insulation, high energy-saving levels, and glazing.
  • Stand-alone units will gain popularity.
  • HVAC teams will prioritize competency-based training. 
  • Smart HVAC systems will require internet connections and some level of software knowledge.
  • HVAC engineers will prioritize energy efficiency and reduced emissions. 

Viewing the above list, you can see that the HVAC industry will take huge strides in technological advancements and environmental consciousness in the upcoming year. As you begin offering smart solutions with high-tech software and energy-saving enhancements, you need a digital marketing campaign that displays your company’s modernization. Consumers expect high-tech businesses to have excellent user experiences, flawless mobile websites, high Google rankings, and more. 

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So, what upcoming digital marketing trends do you need to know about for your HVAC business? The following five trends will shape marketing and sales over the next year. We recommend integrating these trends into your strategy for ultimate success. 

1. Fostering a Recognizable Online Presence

Consumers rarely trust businesses without professional websites and active social accounts. To remain relevant in 2023, your business must develop an online presence. We recommend considering the following areas:

  • Website experiences: Your website should explain who you are and what you provide in a concise message that visitors can grasp in only a few seconds. Use templates to create simple user experiences so users can get from points A to B in only a few clicks. Avoid distracting visuals and keep your goal clear. 
  • Social media channels: As an HVAC owner, you may not see the value in social media, though you can use nearly any platform to develop consumer awareness. For example, you can create short TikTok videos with DIY tips on staying cool in the summer. By following current platform trends, you can generate an audience that will recognize your brand name when they search for “AC repair near me.”
  • Short-form content: Content is one of the most dependable digital marketing trends. If you haven’t yet started a blog series, now’s the time. Content brings people to your website, increases visibility, and develops awareness. 
  • Influencers: Influencers are one of the hottest topics in marketing, lead generation, and social media. If you can find someone with a large audience to recommend your service or products, you may see substantial growth. 
  • Employee advocacy: Consumers want to see that you treat your employees right. Employee training and satisfaction are huge trends for 2023. You can ask your team to market your services across their personal channels to reach larger audiences while displaying team unity. 

2. Strategic SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical marketing strategy that involves adjusting your website to rank high in search engine results for desired keywords, like “HVAC services near me.” Ranking high in search results increases your website’s traffic, boosts conversions, and builds brand awareness. 

Popular platforms like Google use over 200 ranking factors when analyzing websites, which can initially feel overwhelming. We recommend starting with the following:

  • Research the top keywords for your industry and location. 
  • Ensure that your website meets all technical requirements. 
  • Create pages and content centered around your target keywords. 
  • Prioritize website usability with simple navigational paths.
  • Optimize your website for mobile experiences. 
  • Develop backlinks from authoritative sites. 
  • Use email marketing strategies to bring more users to your website. 

3. Local Service Ads

As a service-oriented HVAC business, your target goal is to convince clients to call and schedule appointments. Setting up online business profiles helps local homeowners find your contact information so they know who to call when their ACs or furnaces stop working. You can set up a paid campaign with Google Local Service Ads that surfaces your business listing above other websites. 

Your listing will display critical information to searchers, such as:

  • Your business name
  • Service hours
  • Average review score
  • Number of reviews
  • Services available
  • Contact information to reach the sales team
  • The Google Verified checkmark 

Such information captures attention immediately and leads to high conversion rates. 

4. The Value of Customer Reviews

As technology continues evolving, modern consumers lean more toward trusting other humans. Customer reviews will become increasingly valuable in 2023. Obtaining authentic, positive reviews convinces leads to trust your business and helps you rank well in search engine algorithms.  

5. Mobile Optimization

The modern consumer needs instant answers. People search from their mobile devices while on the go. To meet mobile user needs, you should optimize every digital experience, including your website and ad campaigns. 

Many search platforms negatively rank websites without mobile experiences. We recommend using responsive components on your website that automatically adjust to all screen sizes so you don’t have to manually re-design everything. 

Amplify Your Digital Marketing Success With Support From ServiceHawk 

Developing a strong digital marketing strategy is challenging, especially without a dedicated marketing team. If you need help aligning your campaigns with the 2023 digital marketing trends, contact ServiceHawk in New Orleans today at 985-888-0455. Schedule your free strategy session to discuss how we can help your HVAC business excel. 

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