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How to Transition from Traditional to Digital Marketing

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The business world and the market are getting increasingly more digitized in every industry. In fact, sometimes it seems that new technologies and trends replace old ones so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. Digital marketing may always be changing, but that doesn’t make it impossible to master. If your business has been stuck in the old ways for too long, it might be worth considering changing things up.

Digital marketing has the upper hand over traditional marketing in many ways. To learn how to transition from traditional to digital marketing, you should be aware of how digital works and what its benefits are.

Digital Marketing Characteristics

With digital, your marketing efforts can go global. That’s the defining characteristic of digital marketing, and it makes it so compelling. You don’t have to rely on direct mail, TV and print ads, and pray that your message reaches your target audience. Nowadays, when it’s easier for consumers than ever to skip an advertisement they aren’t interested in, traditional marketing becomes more obsolete.

As opposed to that, digital marketing keeps up with the technological times. It aims to target only the right consumers, using very specific and accurate metrics which take demographics into account. There’s a broader audience to reach, as well as more ways to do it effectively.

Digital Marketing Effectiveness

With the ability to track your campaigns in real time and research your target audience thoroughly, the game profoundly changes. Digital enables you to do things you could only dream of with traditional marketing. You can engage your audience, target your ideal customers precisely, and get better ROI. As your marketing efforts will become more laser-focused; you’ll be able to get new leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing strategies.

From Traditional to Blended to Full Digital

If all this sounds good and you’re ready to dive in — there’s no need to rush. In fact, you might be better off making the change slowly and using both ways of marketing for a while. Augment your traditional marketing strategy with a couple of digital basics. Create a website, build a social media presence, start an email newsletter. Keep up with the latest trends and slowly begin relying on digital more. Blended strategies can still work quite well, and many brands do use them

What to Look for when Transitioning

You don’t have to replace your current marketing staff with a more digitally-savvy one right off the bat. There will still be people with useful skills for digital marketing in your team. If those employees wish to make the switch, they’ll only need some time to adjust. Copywriters will still do copywriting, just for different mediums like social media and emails. Those who can write persuasively should be able to adapt to new roles in creative. Project managers will be more productive and organized with the use of digital tools. With patience and proper guidance, you can quickly assemble a marketing team capable of answering all the challenges of going digital.

Going digital requires some effort, planning, and flexibility, but it’s worth it in this day and age. At Wink Media, we’re dedicated to helping you accomplish your digital marketing goals.

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