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Why Should Both Creative and Data Be Considered When Creating Digital Campaigns

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When Creating Digital Campaigns, creative and data departments appear to be enemies. Forging peace between them is possible, figure out here how to do it

In many ways, creativity and data are enemies who often work separately from each other. But in forging peace between these two marketing departments the future of marketing? In recent marketing developments, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that for creating digital campaigns, creative and data can and should work together more closely.

Here’s why both should be considered when creating digital campaigns:

Data Can Lay the Groundwork

Data is an integral part of any digital campaign as it’s the primary source of the necessary information. Without data, you can’t identify potential groups of customers and narrow them down to a perfectly tailored target audience.
You can’t even know what that target audience wants or needs. But beyond that, data is also concerned with campaign goals and measuring campaign success.

That’s part of the reason for the disdain of the creatives, who often feel that data holds them back. However, data is all about collecting observations, which the creative requires in performing the work well for creating digital campaigns.

Creative Can Build on the Data

It’s common to think that creativity happens in a vacuum, but that can’t be further from the truth — especially in marketing. Ideas only have worth if they can be applied successfully in a digital campaign. And for that to be possible creative needs information.
How else would they create a strong message that drives people to action, if they didn’t know what makes their target audience tick? That’s what data provides — creative guide rails and directions to explore.

Knowing what the campaign goals and target audience are, helps creative determine a valid approach. And that’s much easier to accomplish with the direct involvement of data.

How Data and Creative Can Work Together

Since it seems that both data and creativity would benefit from working together more closely, how do you implement that in your business?

One of the first points is to involve creative early on in the process before any significant decisions regarding the media strategy are made. Accomplish this through effective communication between the departments — everyone involved needs to have access to all the available data.

By exploring all those data sources, there’ll be more creative options to choose from. It will be much easier to settle on the most optimal strategy if creative and data collaborate and exchange ideas.

An excellent creative method is all about balancing emotion and strong messages with the obtained information.

Monitoring and Tweaking Digital Campaigns

Data and creativity can stay involved throughout the digital campaign. While data studies conversion rates and monitors ROI, creative can focus on the desired results, and tweak the campaign according to new information. It allows for more effective testing, which ultimately leads to better conversion. Insights provided by data can help creative determine what’s working and what isn’t. They can draw on the results of past campaigns as well.

When used correctly, data can be creative’s most potent ally. With the ability to supercharge the creative process by providing profound marketing insights through the intelligent use of data, you could take your marketing to the next level.

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