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Effective Management of Online Reviews Can Increase Positive Feedback and Reduce Negative Reviews

When customers aren’t satisfied with the service they pay for, they might vent that frustration by leaving a negative review. As an HVAC contractor, what do you do when you get bad reviews online? If you don’t have an HVAC review management process to request positive reviews, you’re hurting your online reputation and missing out on potential business!

Nine out of ten customers read reviews before making a purchase and are less likely to call you for service if you have negative reviews that you haven’t responded to. 

At ServiceHawk, we offer professional HVAC review management services to help manage your online reputation and improve your customer service reviews on sites like Google & Facebook. 

Does reputation management through online reviews work? The answer is a resounding yes! Some of the advantages of HVAC review management services include:

  • Correcting false information in negative reviews
  • Seeking positive feedback from recent customers
  • Making it right when you make a mistake
  • Improving SEO performance

Contact us at ServiceHawk to schedule a free strategy session for reputation management services. We’ll look at your current reviews and develop a strategy to address bad reviews and request positive reviews from recent customers.

We’ll Manage Your HVAC Company’s Google & Facebook Reviews

When customers need HVAC services, their first stop is to search for local HVAC companies online. Once they find the top few results, they want to know about customer service, hidden fees, and whether the technicians will arrive on time. To learn more about the typical customer experience, they turn to online reviews.

At ServiceHawk, we know how important it is to manage your reputation online. What really matters to your customers when reading your company reviews? Most users give higher authority to

  • Recent reviews
  • Star Rating
  • Reviews by users with visible names

We can use this information to request reviews from past customers to help your company appear more relevant to people searching for HVAC services in the future.

HVAC Review Management Services for HVAC Companies to Improve the Customer Experience

ServiceHawk offers several reputation management strategies to help your business get positive reviews and improve your overall customer satisfaction rating.

Request Positive Feedback

People are more likely to leave a negative review about a bad experience than they are to leave a positive review about a good experience. We can create text and email reminders for your recent customers to leave a positive review about their experience. 

Recent customers respond well to a repeat text and email campaign to request feedback. We can send an initial reminder two days after their service date plus a follow-up email one week after their service date.

Reputation Monitoring

We’ll keep an eye on your review platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angi, and other review sites. If we notice an uptick in negative reviews, a decrease in positive reviews, or other patterns, we can address issues immediately to keep your online reputation in good shape.

Regularly inspecting your reviews, new and old, can help us identify issues like fake reviews by competitors, scam reviews, trolling, and incorrect reviews. Sometimes a bad review is a case of mistaken identity, but sometimes there’s malicious intent behind the review.

Respond to Online Reviews

Responding to reviews is essential for HVAC companies. Responses indicate to prospective customers that you stay engaged with customers even after providing your services. You can also address customer problems in review responses, such as incorrect information or offering to correct your mistake if they had a genuine bad experience.

You should also respond to positive reviews by thanking a customer for relying on your company to provide award-winning customer service or saying it was nice to meet their dog Spot. Prospective customers want to see that your responses are as real as the reviews.

Social Media Reputation Management

Social media reviews carry just as much weight as Google reviews for some potential customers. The issue with a site like Facebook is that not only can someone troll your HVAC company page by leaving a one-star review, but they can also comment on your posts with harmful information about your company.

We can monitor your social pages, look for signs of false reviews, and scrub your page of negative content. We can also ensure that we block that used to prevent future harassment.

Improve Brand Trust

Potential customers want to see reviews on your profiles. Approximately 85% of users trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Having lots of positive reviews from real customers can make prospective customers trust your brand before they even contact you to schedule their first service call.

Additionally, you can reach a wider circle of people through positive online reviews than you can through traditional avenues like the Chamber of Commerce or word-of-mouth. HVAC review management services are essential if you want to get more calls from potential customers.

Remove Incorrect Negative Reviews

While Google, Facebook, and other platforms don’t guarantee that you can remove negative reviews from your profile, you can generally report negative reviews that are fraudulent or incorrect. Representatives who work for the respective platform will review your report and determine whether to remove the review or leave it up.

We will only report untrue, fraudulent, fake, spam, or incorrect reviews to attempt to have them removed. Unfortunately, not every negative review is always misleading. Sometimes a customer will have a bad experience with your company. In those cases, we can respond to the review in a professional, problem-solving way. Sometimes you can win a customer back by making things right.

Why Is Reputation Management for Online Reviews Necessary for HVAC Companies?

Picture this: You have a dozen reviews, and one of those reviews is negative. A competitor has half as many reviews, but they’re all positive. Which company will a prospective customer looking for HVAC services choose?

If you think having 11 positive reviews should make your company more attractive to a potential customer, that may not always be the case. It also depends on the quality of the reviews between the two companies, each company’s responses to reviews, and other important factors. Let ServiceHawk manage your reputation to win that lead.

Why Choose ServiceHawk?

We offer HVAC review management services to help our clients maintain their reputations against bad reviews, including fake reviews or negative reviews for the wrong company. We customize reputation management strategies for each of our HVAC clients. Whether your company has bad reviews to address or you want to seek positive feedback from your recent customers, we can help.

So why should you choose ServiceHawk to handle your reputation management?

Industry Experts

We serve home service providers like plumbers, roofers, landscapers, and HVAC contractors. Our team knows how bad reviews can impact your HVAC company’s performance if you don’t have enough positive feedback to counterbalance the negative reviews. We’ve helped home service providers and HVAC contractors manage their reputations successfully.

Comprehensive Approach

Reputation management is one of several services we offer as part of our “Local Domination Method.” We combine responding to and requesting online reviews with other marketing and advertising services for a complete overhaul of your company’s online presence. With our total package of HVAC brand management services, you’ll get new customers and new reviews at a great return on investment.

Proven Reputation Management Strategies

We use proven reputation management strategies that we’ve used for our existing clients for years. As a new client, you can expect results quickly, thanks to our experience. We can analyze your reviews, look for scams or incorrect information, and take the appropriate steps to request removal of the review or to publicly respond to the review with the correct information.

Contact ServiceHawk for Experienced Reputation Management for Your HVAC Company

As an HVAC company owner, you have a lot on your plate. You have to manage inventory, maintain trucks, manage hiring and training, and many other things to keep your business running smoothly. Responding to reviews or requesting a review from recent customers eats up a lot of time that you don’t have. Turn to our experts at ServiceHawk to manage your reviews across multiple platforms.

We proudly provide HVAC review management services to HVAC contractors in markets across the country. Contact us online to schedule a free strategy session for our all inclusive digital marketing services.

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