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Increase Your Website’s Visibility in Local Search Results

Have you ever wondered why your HVAC business website is hard to find on Google? Or why you don’t get many customers calling or filling out your online form, even though you have a high-quality website?

The answer is local search engine optimization (SEO). 

The most successful HVAC businesses employ powerful local SEO strategies to rise to the top of Google search results for local customers. You can boost your website’s local visibility, too, with our HVAC local SEO services. 

At ServiceHawk, we’ve spent years developing proven SEO strategies specifically for HVAC businesses. We’ll put our industry expertise and SEO skills to work to help your business rank higher, reach more local customers, and become the go-to HVAC company in your area. 

Schedule your free strategy session today to get started.

What Is Local SEO for HVAC? 

How do potential customers find your HVAC business? Word of mouth and print ads likely bring in a few customers each year, but if your HVAC business is like most, the internet drives the vast majority of your customer conversions. 

Over 99% of consumers use the internet to find businesses. Without local SEO, the people in your area who need HVAC services will never discover your company. 

Local SEO involves a blend of strategies to make your business easy to find on Google. When users in your area search for keywords like, “HVAC near me,” “HVAC in (your city name),” “air conditioner repair,” or “furnace installation,” they’ll see your business’s name at the top of their search results.

They’ll also find your Google Business Profile and discover the types of services you offer, your contact information, and average customer ratings at a glance.

In this day and age, you need local SEO strategies if you want to stop losing business to competitors and position your company as the best option for people in your area.

Why Your HVAC Business Needs Local SEO

If your business is struggling to bring in customers, local SEO can drive more traffic to your website and boost your conversions. But even if you’re satisfied with your current appointment load, it’s only a matter of time before you begin losing traffic to competitors.

More and more people are using Google to find businesses in their areas. The longer you go without an HVAC local SEO plan, the more customers you’ll lose to the competition. 

Instead, trust our expert marketers to deliver reliable local SEO strategies for your HVAC business.

Attract More Local HVAC Customers

As a local HVAC business, the consumers in your area are your gold mine. While any website traffic can be beneficial, when users across the country from you visit your website, they probably won’t do you much good, as they’ll never convert to customers.

Instead, the most valuable web traffic comes from the people in your city and the surrounding areas — those who are more likely to schedule services with your company. Adopting local SEO strategies is the most effective way to attract customers in these areas. 

Increase HVAC Service Call Volume

What’s the most important step a potential customer could take after visiting your website? Like many HVAC businesses, your answer is likely “Calling us to discuss their needs or schedule service.”

When potential customers call your business, they have the opportunity to speak with a real person about your services, which creates a human connection. Ultimately, customers are more likely to schedule services after completing a call, even if they didn’t intend to schedule in the first place.

With local SEO strategies in place, customers will have no problem finding your business’s phone number. They’ll also see calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website to call your business — be it to receive an estimate, request a free inspection, or schedule a repair.

You’ll see a higher service call volume as a result of our HVAC local SEO strategies.

Build Trust and Authority

Potential customers want to see evidence that your company is reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. These days, the vast majority of people have had a bad experience with a business — or at least know someone who has. Consumers are wary, and they want to be sure that your HVAC business will deliver on your promises before they contact you.

By updating your Google Business Profile, managing your customer reviews, and creating a clean, user-friendly website, we’ll instill a sense of confidence in your potential customers. They’ll have all the resources they need to reach out to your business and feel comfortable hiring you.

Get Your HVAC Company on the Google Maps

Local SEO strategies can also get your HVAC business on the map — the digital map, that is.

When users search for HVAC businesses on their maps app, whether Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze, they’ll see your business in the top search results. This feature is especially important if you offer emergency services, as consumers use their maps apps to find local businesses quickly and schedule timely repairs.

With local SEO, your business will no longer be difficult to find online, which gives you a big boost in website traffic and phone calls.

Our HVAC Local SEO Strategies

While traditional SEO mainly focuses on the aspects of your website that impact your search engine rankings, local SEO takes the process a step further by curating your reviews, Google My Business profile, social media check-ins, and other location-based data that can direct local users to your business. 

At ServiceHawk, our expert marketers tackle HVAC local SEO from several angles to ensure the most effective, streamlined results for your business.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the elements on your website that users can see and that affect your rankings in search engines like Google and Safari. It begins with conducting local keyword research — or finding the search terms your website should be ranking for in your area. 

Local keywords are often variations of “HVAC business” and your types of services with your city name. For instance, an HVAC company in Chicago may want to rank for “Chicago HVAC company” along with “air conditioner repair Chicago” and even “HVAC repair near me.” 

Once we’ve identified the right local keywords, we’ll write professional content for your service pages, blog posts, and other pages that includes these keywords strategically to boost your rankings. Google prioritizes pages that meet its E-E-A-T ranking factors — experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness — so we’ll ensure that your content exudes these qualities.

We’ll also optimize other on-page ranking factors, such as:

  • Page URLs
  • Landing pages
  • Inbound and external links
  • Header tags
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions

Citation Management

Citations are the references to your business’s NAP — name, address, and phone number — on other websites or platforms. If you’ve ever searched for a business on Google and seen a small profile with its information, photos, reviews, and FAQs, you’ve seen an example of a Google Business Profile, one of the most popular citations. 

Having an up-to-date Google Business Profile is crucial to your company’s online reputation and visibility to potential customers. We’ll start by evaluating your current Google Business profile, if you have one, or claiming it for your business if you don’t. Then, we’ll optimize it for the search engine and set up the other citations your business needs to reach local customers, including:

  • Facebook business page
  • Apple Maps profile
  • Glassdoor profile
  • CitySearch profile

We’ll ensure that your business information is consistent across these pages and flesh out the details to position your company as a high-quality, reliable HVAC service provider. We’ll add photos of your business, create short listings that describe your services, and utilize the most important features across each platform. 

Once we’ve updated your citations, we’ll manage them over time to ensure that they accurately reflect your business and portray you in the best light.

Review Management

Customer reviews go a long way toward marketing your business — for better or for worse. Of course, you can’t control what people say about you online. But we can use several review management strategies to help you encourage positive reviews and respond to negative ones, allowing your online reviews to act as an effective marketing tool. 

We’ll evaluate your existing reviews on Google, Yelp, and other sites, then work with you to determine the best strategy to repair any negative relationships you’ve built with customers. This may involve responding to negative reviews with an offer to make things right. 

We’ll also set up notifications to ensure that we never miss a new review for your business. We can even create a system to encourage or incentivize existing customers to leave reviews. 

Make the Most of HVAC Local SEO with ServiceHawk

If you want your HVAC business to grow and succeed, you need expert HVAC local SEO strategies in place — and we’ll make the process as simple as possible. Our results speak for themselves: We’ve increased lead acquisition, organic phone calls, and website form conversion for many local HVAC companies, and we can do the same for yours!

Schedule your free strategy session with ServiceHawk today to learn how we can attract more local customers. 

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