How It Works

SH - How it works - 1 build your site

Build Your Site​

Fast and Easy Set-up. Get your website online in minutes.

SH - How it works - 2 add boosts

Add Boosts

Improve your performance with Local SEO and Reputation Management.
SH - How it works - 3 get found

Get Found

Have your business information in front of customers where they search.

SH - How it works - 4 dominate market

Dominate Your Market

Stand out and be better prepared than your competition.

Find New Growth

Performance Boost Your Web Presence

Standing out online usually takes tact, grit, and hard work. But it doesn’t have to. We have the tools that help your website get found by and share all of your hard work with customers.

Each day you load the truck or van, with some of the most important parts of your job, TOOLS! Having the wrong tools can take a 5 min job and turn it into hours. Don’t waste your valuable time not having the right tools for your website.

Local SEO

Get your business listed in 70+ Online Business Directories and makes your business information available on SMART devices such as Google Home, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. Get the right tool!

Reputation Management

You completed an install; the customer is overwhelmingly happy with you. Now you need to get them to leave you a positive review so new customers see your great work. Get the right tool!

Getting Started is Fast and Easy







Don’t Miss Out on High Quality Leads for Big Jobs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, you can not add you own plugins, our team is consistently adding new features so that you don’t need to bombard your website with tons of plugins. To Many plugins can effect the performance of your website so we only have plugins that we know and trust.

Absolutely not. We keep our pricing transparent. We never want to surprise you with an unknown bill.

You have unlimited access to our support desk, our support team will reply to your request in the order they are received (Typically within 24 hours). You are also welcome to use our chat feature or call our support line for quicker service.

Website plans all have a 30 day trial. You will receive your first charge 30 days after signup. Power Boosters such as Reputation Management And Local SEO are charged at the time of purchase and automatically each month.

The Hawk doesn’t like to play games when it comes to pricing so we’re giving it to you straight. This is the lowest price we can offer our services at to continue to bring new features to the platform that will help to grow your business. We are determined to deliver a product that provides far more financial value than its cost.

If you choose to upgrade to custom design, then yes. You own all of the unique content on the website, including the design. Upon moving your site, you WILL have to re-license any plugins your website uses since all plugins in our library are licensed and maintained by ServiceHawk through developer licenses. Our team can provide you with all the files and links needed to move your site if you choose to.

If you choose to use our DIY platform, this runs our proprietary technology, which is non-transferable. You DO own all of the content that may have been created by all content & designs created by our web builder will continue to be the property and licensed to ServiceHawk.

ServiceHawk websites are created on a proprietary theme that is not transferable outside our network.

Of course! We pride ourselves on keeping the latest tools and add-ons that will drive new leads to your business while making it easier to maintain. We offer tools such as Reputation Management, Local Search Engine Optimization and can create custom digital marketing campaigns tailored to you business and location.

You won’t have FTP access, access to the plugins directory, or access to our proprietary theme files. Most of our clients see this as a benefit as our team of experts developed these proven tools and themes to be SEO Friendly and drive more leads to your business. Modifying plugins and themes can lead to performance issues and issues with Search Engine Optimization. If there is something you feel is missing, please contact us or submit a support ticket.

We take your site’s security very seriously and have many safeguards in place to protect your investment.

1. We Maintain full backups of our servers daily. Our systems are built to be recovered quickly in case of a disaster, giving you minimal downtime.
2. We have a web application firewall on our servers. Protecting your website from cyber-attacks.
3. We maintain all security upgrades through a single platform, ensuring all of our clients have the protection we would have.
4. We are a fully managed service. NO Clients can upload via FTP or Install their own plugins. This makes sure the performance and security of your website stay intact.
6. All code that we write internally for our own plugins and frameworks is tested and reviewed by multiple ServiceHawk team members before deployment.

You can sleep well knowing that your investments are protected, Security and Performance are always top of mind at ServiceHawk.